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Hye-Won Lee, Myung-Il Roh, Seung-Ho Ham, "Dynamics-based Collision Analysis for Block Erection in Shipyard", Proceedings of the 30th Asian-Pacific TEAM 2016, Mokpo, Korea, 2016.10.10-13

by SyDLab posted Oct 20, 2016


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Abstract Ships and offshore plants are divided into several blocks and then erected by using one or more cranes on the dock through the operation called block erection. Because the blocks contain several outfitting installed before the erection, collision during the operation can occur and this is one of main reasons to delay the production of the ships and offshore plants. Moreover, in case of ships including internal tanks such as LPG carrier or LNG carrier, the tanks should be erected inside the hull structure which can cause collision between them during the erection. Therefore, the collision should be carefully checked before the actual operation. Even though the collision is checked statically, the unexpected collision can occur due to various external or environmental loads. Thus, collision analysis based on multibody system dynamics is performed in this study. Generally, there are two methods for the collision analysis; the impulse response method and the force-based method. Traditionally, the impulse response method has been commonly used in the collision analysis. However, it cannot be used with a multibody system because the method calculates the velocity of a single body directly. Furthermore, collision forces between collided objects cannot be calculated in the impulse response method. Therefore, in this study, the force-based method is applied to consider various collisions in the multibody system and to calculate collision forces. To evaluate the effectiveness of the method, it is applied to the erection of a LPG tank of a LPG carrier by using a floating crane. As a result, it can be seen that collisions between the tank and the hull structure during the erection are detected and collision forces are accurately calculated.
Publication Date 2016-10-12

Hye-Won Lee, Myung-Il Roh, Seung-Ho Ham, “Dynamics-based Collision Analysis for Block Erection in Shipyard”, Proceedings of the 30th Asian-Pacific TEAM(Technical Exchange and Advisory Meeting on Marine Structures) 2016, Mokpo, Korea, pp. 270-273, 2016.10.10-13