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Abstract At the time when compartment arrangement design of a naval ship being conducted in the early design stage, many requirements such as stability, adjacency between each compartment, and survivability have to be considered simultaneously. Namely, compartment design has to meet the intact and damage stability criteria which are provided by the navy and maximize the ship operability (such as compartment adjacency) and ship survivability. Therefore, we need an efficient evaluation method in order to derive a better compartment arrangement. Thus, a ship performance evaluation method for the arrangement design of a naval ship is proposed in this study. This study includes an evaluation method considering multi-performance such as stability, operability, and survivability. For this, the arrangement design program for the naval surface ship has been made and applied to 7000-ton class destroyer.
Publication Date 2017-02-08

김기수, 노명일, 정선경, "함정의 배치 설계를 위한 성능 평가 방법 연구", 2017년도 한국CDE학회 동계학술발표회, 평창, pp. 808, 2017.02.08-10

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번호 분류 제목 Publication Date
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282 Domestic Conference 김기수, 노명일, "손상된 선박의 침수에 따른 자세 변화를 고려한 승객 탈출 행동 모델", 2021년도 대한조선학회 추계학술발표회, 군산, pp. 546, 2021.11.04-05 file 2021-11-04
281 Domestic Conference 김기수, 노명일, "여객선의 승객 탈출을 위한 다채널 행동 모델 연구", 2021년도 한국CDE학회 하계학술발표회, 제주, pp. 187, 2021.08.25-28 file 2021-08-25
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