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Abstract Graphical solid modeling algorithms in CAD/CAM System have been implemented as a software, but, concerning the slow speed of a software system, hardware implementation of the software is highly desirable to improve speed performance. The first step for hardware implementation is to define the specification of the requirements. Then, the hardware realization is specified in VHDL(Very high speed integrated circuits Hardware Description Language), which is a computer language for describing digital systems, and it is simulated in VHDL demonstrating. Finally, fabrication and test tools such as EDA-kit(Electronic Design Automation-kit) assist in manufacturing the hardware and verifying that the manufactured part - the final product - meets acceptance criteria. In this paper, ADFs(Adaptively sampled Distance Fields), which is a fundamental graphical data structure used to visualize Implicit Surface, has been implemented and tested as a hardware. ADFs, based on Octree data structure, adaptively sample the shape's distance field and recursively subdivide the candidate cells according to subdivision rules. For generating ADFs, too many distance computation and cell subdivision are slowly performed in a software system. In order to compare the speed of software and hardware, ADFs is implemented as a hardware.
Publication Date 2003-02-07

하솔, 이규열, 노명일, 김태완, "VHDL을 이용한 Implicit Surface Visualization 알고리즘의 하드웨어 구현 방법", 2003년도 한국CAD/CAM학회 학술발표회, 서울, pp. 303-311, 2003.02.07

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번호 분류 제목 Publication Date
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