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Abstract In the present work, isogeometic analysis in 3D linear elasticity problem is conducted using the basis functions from NURBS. The objectives of isogeometric analysis introduced by Hughes is to integrated both geometric modeling and computational analysis. This can be accomplished from direct usage of geometirc modeling by NURBS as the computational mess. that meams isogeometirc analysis. NURBS surface are able to represent exact geometry from the control points and knot vectors. Also subsequent refinement is so simple relatively. The tes geometry is the solid circular cylinder subjected to the constant intermal pressure loading and the results are compared with the exact solution. Quadratic, cubic and quartic NURBS are considered. After generation the circular cylinder geometry based on the control points and knot vectors, the effects of the knot insertion and the oder elevation of the basis are investigated. meshes produced by h refinemet and the contours of the radial displacement are presented. The convergence rate of the calculated variables is checked with respect to some discretization orders and various mesh sizes.
Publication Date 2009-10-22

안윤남, 이주성, 노명일, 윤범상, 장경식, "등기하 해석법을 이용한 구조해석에 관한 연구", 2009년도 한국해양공학회 추계학술발표회, 거제, pp. 238-241, 2009.10.22-23

List of Articles
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