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Abstract Recently, there are needs to lift and transport heavy load, whose weight exceeds the capacity of a single crane in shipyard. Therefore, multi cranes are often used to lift the loads simultaneously. Generally, since the process using multi cranes is more dangerous than using single crane, the dynamic simulation of the process is needed to prevent fatal accidents. Therefore, a dynamics kernel that can generate equations of motion for mutibody systems in the dynamic simulation program was developed. To generate the equations of motion, the recursive formulation method was used. Using the developed dynamics kernel, the dynamic responses of multibody systems can be carried out. For the dynamic response analysis, an external force calculation module was developed. The developed module calculates the hydrostatic force considering the nonlinear effects and the linearized hydrodynamic force by using the 3D Rankine panel method for the forces exerted on the floating crane. The kernel can also be used for the dynamic response analysis of a general multibody system operating in ocean waves. With the use of the dynamics kernel developed in this paper, a dynamic response simulation of launching a ship using 2 floating cranes are carried out.
Publication Date 2013-04-11

구남국, 하솔, 노명일, 이규열, 김기수, "육상 건조된 선박의 진수를 위한 해상 크레인 2기의 협업 시뮬레이션", 2013년도 한국전산구조공학회 학술발표회, 여수, pp. 300-303, 2013.04.11-12

List of Articles
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