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Abstract In the initial stages of ship design, designers represent geometry, arrangement, and dimension of hull structures with 2D geometric primitives such as points, lines, arcs, and drawing sheet require mor intelligent translation processes by the designers in the next design stages. Thus, the loss of design semantics could be occurred and following design processes could be delayed. in the initial design stages, it is not easy to adopt commercial 3D CAD systems, shich have been developed for being used in detail and production design stages, because the 3D CAD systems require detailed input for geometry definition. In this study, a semantic product model data structure was proposedm, and an initial structural CAD system was developed based on the proposed data structure. Contents of the proposed datat structure are filled with minimal input of the designers, and them 3D solid model and production material information can be automatically generated as occasion demands. Finally, the applicability of the proposed semantic produc model data structure and the eveloped initial structural CAD system was verified through application to deadweight 300,000 ton VLCC product modeling proedure.
Publication Date 2004-02-12

이원준, 이규열, 노명일, 권오환, "의미론적 제품 데이터 모델 기반 초기 선체 구조 CAD 시스템 개발", 2004년도 한국CAD/CAM학회 학술발표회, 평창, pp. 201-212, 2004.02.12-14

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