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이상현, 노명일, 김기수, "LNG FPSO의 통합 배치 최적화 방법에 관한 연구", 2017년도 대한조선학회 춘계학술발표회, 부산, pp. 38, 2017.04.19-20

by SyDLab posted Apr 24, 2017


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Abstract A LNG FPSO is a kind of FPSO (Floating, Production, Storage, and Offloading unit) with various functions for LNG processing. In contrast with commercial vessels such as LNG carriers and oil tankers, various parts of the processing are located and distributed as modules on topside. The design of LNG FPSO requires many considerations such as international codes and standards, owners’ own requirements, operation and maintenance philosophy, and so on. In this study, an optimization method for the design of LNG FPSO was proposed to obtain optimal principle dimensions and layout that satisfy such considerations for both topside and hull, considering operability, maintainability, safety, and economics. For this, a design problem for the LNG FPSO was mathematically formulated as an optimization problem. The formulated problem was effectively solved by using an optimization algorithm. To evaluate the applicability of the proposed method, it was applied to an example of the design of a large-size LNG FPSO. The result showed that the proposed method can be used to determine an optimal design alternative of LNG FPSO.
Publication Date 2017-04-19

이상현, 노명일, 김기수, "LNG FPSO의 통합 배치 최적화 방법에 관한 연구", 2017년도 대한조선학회 춘계학술발표회, 부산, pp. 38, 2017.04.19-20