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Abstract Ships and offshore plants are being operated in the ocean and thus they have very restricted space, required to install their various equipment. Related to this, the arrangement design is one of the essential elements in their design. Especially, the arrangement design of offshore plants or special-purpose ships are more important than that of commercial ships because of lots of equipment to be installed. At this time, various components which are settled by the arrangement design, such as space efficiency, stability, and weight balance, can be evaluated and should be calculated. However if these quantitative components are only considered, arrangement alternatives may not match with experts’ point of view, including the efficiency of manufacturing or operability. In this regard, an expert system can be applied to the arrangement design of ships and offshore plants, and it was presented in this study. In order to express experts’ various, ambiguous knowledge used in the expert system, the space information model was proposed to eliminate the difference between experts’ intention and expression in the expert system. The proposed model was applied to evaluate alternatives for the arrangement design of submarine.
Publication Date 2014-05-23

김기수, 하솔, 구남국, 홍정우, 노명일, 김성용, "배치 설계를 위한 전문가 지식의 효과적인 표현 방법에 관한 연구", 2014년도 대한조선학회 춘계학술발표회, 부산, pp. 985-993, 2014.05.22-23

List of Articles
번호 분류 제목 Publication Date
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