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Abstract As the requirements for ships and offshore structures become more and more complex, more sophisticated verification of design results is required. The simulation-based approach is attracting attention as one such method. In addition, as the size of the ships and offshore structures are increased, new construction plans by using mega-floating cranes have been tried to increase the productivity in shipyards. In this situation, various simulations are required to check and reduce potential risks of lifting plan in advance. Similar requirements have arisen in the installation of the offshore structures such as float-over and launching. This tutorial presents a physics-based simulation method for design, production, and installation of ships and offshore structures. It includes the explanation of various theoretical methods such as flexible multibody dynamics, collision dynamics, flooding analysis, and on so. Finally, it presents several applications of the design, production, and installation process in shipbuilding and offshore industry to show the effect of the physics-based simulation method.
Publication Date 2017-12-15

Myung-Il Roh, "Physics-based Simulation for Design, Production, and Installation of Ships and Offshore Structures", International Symposium on Computational Design and Engineering, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, 2017.12.13-16

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