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Abstract An efficient global-local hybrid optimization method is developed combining a genetic algorithm (GA) as a global optimizer and a method of feasible direction (MFD) as a local optimizer. During the global iteration using GA, the design sensitivity information with respect to design variables is used to perform a what-if study for efficient crossover. After the final global iteration, a local optimization can be followed to further improve the solution obtained from GA. The developed global-local hybrid optimization method is applied to simple mathematical problems to compare the efficiency and accuracy of the proposed method with that of the conventional genetic algorithm. The objective function using the proposed method converges to the optimum much faster than the conventional GA. It is also able to find the global optimum very quickly even though the starting point is near a local minimum. The proposed method finds the known solution of the mathematical problems very quickly whereas the conventional GA sometimes fails to find the exact solution even though it requires more iteration. The application of the developed method is also extended to the practical engineering problems, which shows very good and efficient results.
Publication Date 2000-10-26

Kyu-Yeul Lee, Seon-Ho Cho, Myung-Il Roh, "An Efficient Global-Local Hybrid Optimization Method Using Design Sensitivity Analysis", Proceedings of OptiCon 2000, Newport Beach, USA, pp. 1-13, 2000.10.26-27

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469 Domestic Conference 공민철, 노명일, 한인수, 김미진, 김정연, "P&ID 내 객체 및 문자 인식 방법", 2023년도 대한조선학회 춘계학술발표회, 부산, p. ?, 2023.05.02-04 2023-05-04
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466 Domestic Conference 김동우, 노명일, 전도현, 우선홍, 이혜원, 김용태, "딥 러닝을 이용한 멤브레인 타입 LNG선 화물창의 1차 방벽의 형상 최적화 방법 ", 2023년도 한국CDE학회 동계학술발표회, 평창, p. 275, 2023.02.08-11 file 2023-02-10
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464 Domestic Conference 여인창, 노명일, 이혜원, 유동훈, "선박용 서라운드 뷰 영상의 자동 생성 방법", 2023년도 한국CDE학회 동계학술발표회, 평창, p. 45, 2023.02.08-11 file 2023-02-09
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