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Abstract The aggravation of financial condition of shipping companies in recent years and the emphasis on reducing greenhouse gas emissions have resulted in renewed interest in further optimizing ship performance through the development of green-ship or smart-ship technologies. A recent IMO study has indicated that ship route planning can achieve reductions in fuel consumption and the associated greenhouse gas emissions through technical and operational measures such as speed management and route planning. Related to these issues, a simultaneous optimization method of the direction and speed for ship route planning is proposed in this study. For this, an optimization problem for finding an optimal ship route is mathematically formulated considering fuel consumption and weather condition. Furthermore, boil off gas for LNG carrier and seakeeping performance are also considered in the problem. In the optimization problem, The direction and speed of the ship are selected as design variables. The requirement on the estimated arrival of time, the avoidance of land and the requirement of seakeeping performances are selected as constraints. And the minimization of fuel consumption and boil off gas are selected as objective functions. To solve this problem, seed based meta-heuristic algorithms such as seed-GA, seed-SMPSO, etc. were tested and used as an optimization algorithm. The seed based algorithm gives one seed (a frequent route for a specific region) to first solution set of genetic algorithms. Therefore, at least we can always get a better solution than the seed. In addition, we can find the solution much faster than existing algorithms by using the seed. To check the applicability of the proposed method, it was applied to various problems for ship route planning and compared with the results from existing methods and the commercial program. The results show that the proposed method is applicable to find the optimum shipping routes.
Publication Date 2017-09-25

Ki-Su Kim, Myung-Il Roh, Sung-Min Lee, Jihye Cha, Jongjin Park, DongYeon Lee, Booki Kim, "An Efficient Method for Cost and Risk Saving in Ship Route Planning", Proceedings of the 31st Asian-Pacific TEAM 2017, Osaka, Japan, 2017.09.25-28

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번호 분류 제목 Publication Date
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