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Abstract An optimized methodology to build integrated solutions to offshore topside process engineering is described. The method relies on the concepts and procedures of FEED (Front-End Engineering Design), as well as those of basic and detailed process engineering. For the purpose of verifying the efficiency of the proposed methodology, which changes process data processing from manual to automated and integrated, was applied to a condensate stabilizer unit. That simulation indicated that offshore business would benefit from the increase in engineering efficiency as costs, schedule periods, and errors would be reduced. This optimized methodology proposed by Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) would contribute to performing successful offshore projects in the future.
Publication Date 2008-07-06

Ji-Hyun Hwang, Joon-Ho Min, Young-Joo Ahn, Hee-Chang Kim, Myung-Il Roh, Kyu-Yeul Lee, "Optimized Methodology to Build an Integrated Solution to Offshore Topside Process Engineering", Proceedings of ISOPE(International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers) 2008, Vancouver, Canada, pp. 233-240, 2008.07.06-11

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