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이혜원, 노명일, 함승호, 구남국, "간섭을 고려한 블록의 물리 기반 Turn-over 시뮬레이션", 2015년도 한국CAD/CAM학회 하계학술발표회, 용인, pp. 45-47, 2015.08.19-20

by SyDLab posted Sep 01, 2015


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Abstract A ship or offshore plant is being constructed on the dock by joining several blocks which are the basic units in shipbuilding. In the joining process, the erection and turn-over operation of the blocks are necessary, which can occur interferences between a block and wire ropes. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate contact force exerted on the block because the block can be damaged or structurally deformed if the force becomes larger than its allowable value. If the turn-over simulation is performed with the traditional wire rope model, it is hard to check whether the block and the wire ropes interfere with each other, and to calculate the contact force exerted if any. Therefore, the wire rope model considering the interference is adopted in this study. The method which consists of three procedures is proposed to check the interference and to calculate the contact force. First, the Möller algorithm, which is generally known as the fastest algorithm for triangle-ray collision is applied to detect the interference. Second, the contacted wire rope is divided to cope with the interference. Third, the contact force is calculated. To verify the efficiency and applicability of the proposed method, it is applied to turn-over simulation of a block. As a result, it can be seen that the interference can be checked and the corresponding contact force can be calculated if there is the interference between the block and the wire ropes.
Publication Date 2015-08-19

이혜원, 노명일, 함승호, 구남국, "간섭을 고려한 블록의 물리 기반 Turn-over 시뮬레이션", 2015년도 한국CAD/CAM학회 하계학술발표회, 용인, pp. 45-47, 2015.08.19-20