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Abstract This study analyzes the requirements that are essential to simulate the lifting or erection operation in ships and offshore structures, and proposes the integrated simulation framework based on multibody dynamics. The proposed framework is composed of five layers such as simulation core layer for the equations of motion, interface layer for data communication, simulation components layer including constraints and forces, equipment layer, and service layer. Based on the proposed framework, this study develops a dedicated and differentiated program for ships and offshore structures, named SyMAP (SyDLab’s Multibody Analysis Program). There are several issues to be solved. Collision detection and response is developed by using position difference method and non-interpenetration constraint. For structural analysis of a thin plate, flexible multibody dynamics is adopted. Special equipment such as equalizer and SPMT (Self-Propelled Modular Transporters) are modeled. Finally, we provide four representative applications such as block lifting using equalizers, LPG tank erection considering a collision, thin plate block lifting considering deformation, and block offloading using SPMTs, which have not been solved before. We conclude that the problems issued in ships and offshore structures are solved by the proposed or adopted methods. We convinced that the developed program based on the proposed integrated simulation framework could cover all operations in ships and offshore structures.
Publication Date 2018-10-17

Seung-Ho Ham, Myung-Il Roh, Hye-Won Lee, "Integrated Simulation Methods Based on Multibody Dynamics in Ships and Offshore Structures", Proceedings of the 32nd Asian-Pacific TEAM(Technical Exchange and Advisory Meeting on Marine Structures) 2018, Wuhan, China, pp. 592-596, 2018.10.15-18

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  5. No Image 17Aug
    in Conference Chairman

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    in Conference Chairman

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    in Conference Chairman

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