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Abstract Recently, there are needs to lift and transport heavy load, whose weight exceeds the capacity of a single crane in shipyard. Therefore, multi cranes are often used to lift the loads simultaneously. Generally, since the process using multi cranes is more dangerous than using single crane, the dynamic simulation of the process is needed to prevent fatal accidents. Therefore, the simulation program for the dynamic response analysis of the cranes and the heavy loads was developed. In general, the simulations are carried out under the idle condition, but the environmental condition in the field is not idle. Therefore, there are differences between the results of the simulation and the measured data from the field, and these differences seems to be caused by uncertainty of synchronization between the cranes. In this paper, the block lifting simulation using multi-cranes are conducted considering uncertainty of synchronization, such as the difference in the speed of hoisting up and operating time among the cranes. The results of the simulation are compared with the measured data from the ship yards.
Publication Date 2013-05-23

구남국, 하솔, 이규열, 노명일, "동기화의 불확실성을 고려한 멀티 크레인의 중량물 리프팅 시뮬레이션", 2013년도 대한조선학회 춘계학술발표회, 제주, pp. 248-254, 2013.05.23-24

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