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Abstract Optimization met hods can be generally categrized as global or local. Global optimization methods are suitable for large scale problems that have many local optima. However, these methods require many more evaluations of functions to obtain acceptable optima compared with local optimization methods. however, local methods usually find only the relative optimum closest to the starting point. Various attempts have been made to combine local and global optimization to overcome the individual short comings. Lee and Roh used a GA to finde the starting point for the local optimization by the MFD. However, this method was not ver efficient. Porsani et al. used local optimization to improve the solution obtained from each global iteration of the GA. However, this method was also computationally expensive. We propose now a more efficient hybridization.
Publication Date 2001-11-01
Role Coauthor
Category Others

Kyu-Yeul Lee, Myung-Il Roh, "An Efficient Genetic Algorithm Using Gradient Information for Ship Structural Design Optimization", Journal of Ship Technology Research, Vol. 48, No. 4, pp. 161-170, 2001.11.01

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