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Abstract This study investigates the optimization of the hull form of a tanker, considering the operational efficiency in waves, in accordance with the recent Energy Efficiency Design Index regulation. For this purpose, the total resistance and speed loss of the ship under representative sea conditions were minimized simultaneously. The total resistance was divided into three components: calm water resistance, added resistance due to wind, and to waves. The first two components were calculated using regression formulas, and the last component was estimated using the strip theory, far-field method, and the short-wave correction formula. Next, prismatic coefficient, waterline length, waterplane area, and flare angle were selected as design variables from the perspective of operational efficiency. The hull form was described as a combination of cross-sectional curves. A combination of the method shifting these sections in the longitudinal direction and the Free-Form Deformation method was used to deform the hull. As a result of applying the non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm to a tanker, the hull was deformed thinner and longer, and it was determined that the total resistance and speed loss were reduced by 3.58 and 10.2%, respectively. In particular, the added resistance due to waves decreased significantly compared to the calm water resistance, which implies that the present tendency differs from conventional ship design that optimizes only the calm water resistance.
Publication Date 2021-05-19
Role Coauthor
Category SCIE
Impact Factor 2.753

Beom-Soo Kim, Min-Jae Oh, Jae-Hoon Lee, Yonghwan Kim, Myung-Il Roh, "Study on Hull Optimization Process Considering Operational Efficiency in Waves", Processes, Vol. 9, No. 5, pp. 898.1-21, 2021.05.19

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