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Abstract In the initial ship design stage of shipyards, the hull form design, the basic design (compartment modeling and ship calculation), and the hull structural design are being performed by different systems. Thus, the problem on interfaces between these systems occurs. To solve this, we developed the hull form design system “EzHULL” and the compartment modeling and ship calculation system "EzCOMPART" for developing finally an integrated ship design system. And, in this study, we present an object-oriented hull structural design system “EzSTRUCT”, which is developed recently. A structural design in an initial design stage can be frequently changed, because the design is not firmly determined yet. Therefore, designers perform the simplified structural modeling with bigger structural parts (or objects) such as deck, longitudinal bulkhead, etc. in the initial design stage, and the detailed structural modeling with smaller structural parts such as plate, seam, slot, etc. in the detailed design stage. However, the existing hull structural CAD system used in a shipyard is not efficient in generating a 3D CAD model in the initial design stage, because it has difficulty in handling frequent changes in design. Therefore, designers initially draw 2D drawings in the initial design stage, and generate the 3D CAD model from these 2D drawings in the detailed design and production design stages. In this study, the hull structural design system, which can efficiently generate a 3D CAD model through rapid modeling at an initial design stage, was developed in this study. To evaluate the applicability of the developed system, we applied it to hull structural modeling of various ships such as a VLCC, a bulk carrier, etc. As a result, it could efficiently generate a 3D CAD model of a hull structure.
Publication Date 2005-08-01
Role First Author
Category KCI

노명일, 이규열, "객체 지향 초기 선체 구조 설계 시스템 개발", 한국CAD/CAM학회 논문집, Vol. 10, No. 4, pp. 244-253, 2005.08.01

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