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번호 분류 제목 Publication Date
48 Professor The Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies, The 30th Prize for Outstanding Thesis, 2020.07.03 file 2020-07-03
47 Professor The Society for Computational Design and Engineering, 2020 Best Poster Award, 2020.02.06 file 2020-02-06
46 Professor The Society for Computational Design and Engineering, Software Award (Silver Prize), 2020.02.07 file 2020-02-07
45 Professor Best Presentation Award, International Congress and Conferences on Computational Design and Engineering 2019, 2019.07.09 file 2019-07-09
44 Student The Society for Computational Design and Engineering, 2019 Best Paper Award, 2019.01.24 file 2019-01-24
43 Student Seung-Ho Ham, Young Researcher Award, Society of Computational Design and Engineering, 2019.01.25 file 2019-01-25
42 Student Hye-Won Lee, Student Award, ACMD (Asian Conference of Multibody Dynamics) 2018, 2018.08.22 file 2018-08-22
41 Professor Ministry of Science and ICT of Korea, Best Software Award, 2018.08.23 2018-08-23
40 Professor 2018 Best Paper Award, International Conference of the Korean Society of Marine Environment & Safety, 2018.06.22 file 2018-06-22
39 Student Seung-Ho Ham, Future Ocean Science & Technology Award (Marine Technology), KAOSTS (Korean Association of Ocean Science and Technology Societies), 2018.05.24 file 2018-05-24
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