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Abstract In the present works, the turbulent backward-facing step flows are simulated using the recently developed residual-based variational multiscale turbulence modeling procedure. Reynolds number based on the step height is 5100 and the expansion ratio of backward-facing step is 1.2. C0 linear and C1 quadratic non-uniform rational B-spline (NURBS) basis functions are adopted. Not only strongly no-slip boundary condition but also weakly enforced no-slip condition, which is proposed by Bazileves et al., are applied to wall condition with uniform grid. The results are compared with experiment data by Jovic & Driver and DNS results by Le et al..
Publication Date 2010-08-18

장경식, 윤범상, 이주성, 노명일, "변분 다중 스케일법을 이용한 후향 계단 유동의 대와류 모사", 2010년도 한국유체공학학술대회, 부산, pp. 311-313, 2010.08.18-20

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번호 분류 제목 Publication Date
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» Domestic Conference 장경식, 윤범상, 이주성, 노명일, "변분 다중 스케일법을 이용한 후향 계단 유동의 대와류 모사", 2010년도 한국유체공학학술대회, 부산, pp. 311-313, 2010.08.18-20 file 2010-08-18
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