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Abstract Traditionally, a ship motion was only analyzed by fluid engineers with several computational codes, and the graphs were the only way to show the analysis results. While they are sometimes very useful to check the entire results at a glance, they did not usually impose any feeling about how fast it could be moved or how large the positions were changed, especially to the amateurs. For this, an integrated simulation to combine the motion analysis data with state-of-the-art IT technologies such as the virtual reality (VR) and the motion platform can be one of solutions. The VR technology can be used to visualize the ship motion, including waves and sky with real textures. The response calculated from the motion analysis can be transferred to the motion platform to give the realistic motion. So far, because those three technologies have been developed individually, it is not easy to integrate those in one. To solve this problem, an integrated simulation framework based on three different kinds of technologies is proposed in this study. Using the integrated simulation framework, we can synchronize the simulation time and exchange data through the middleware with a standardized data structure. To verify the efficiency and applicability of the proposed framework, it is applied to the motion simulation of a drillship.
Publication Date 2015-10-13

Seung-Ho Ham, Myung-Il Roh, Luman Zhao, Sol Ha, "Drillship Simulation Based on the Integration of Motion Analysis, Virtual Reality, and Motion Platform", Proceedings of the 29th Asian-Pacific TEAM(Technical Exchange and Advisory Meeting on Marine Structures) 2015, Vladivostok, Russia, pp. 198-202, 2015.10.12-15

List of Articles
번호 분류 제목 Publication Date
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284 Conference Chairman Track 1 of Day 3, ICCAS(International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding) 2015, Bremen, Germany, 2015.09.29-10.01 2015-10-01
» International Conference Seung-Ho Ham, Myung-Il Roh, Luman Zhao, Sol Ha, "Drillship Simulation Based on the Integration of Motion Analysis, Virtual Reality, and Motion Platform", Proceedings of TEAM 2015, Vladivostok, Russia, 2015.10.12-15 file 2015-10-13
282 Domestic Conference 김성균, 노명일, 김기수, 정선경, 이성민, "전문가 시스템 기반 해양 플랜트 상부의 최적 배치 방법", 2015년도 한국해양공학회 추계학술발표회, 대전, pp. 467-469, 2015.10.22-23 file 2015-10-22
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279 Domestic Conference 이성, 노명일, 함승호, 김기수, 조로만, 정동훈, "HLA를 기반으로 한 해석-가시화 통합 방법 연구 및 조선 해양 협업 시뮬레이션에의 적용", 2015년도 대한조선학회 추계학술발표회, 거제, pp. 453-456, 2015.11.05-06 file 2015-11-05
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