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Abstract It is not easy to know the accurate mass and mass moment of inertia of robot. Because of this uncertainty, error may exist when we control the robot based on the inaccurate mass information. Moreover the properties of the portable robot can change during its operation. Therefore we developed the motion simulator based on the adaptive control. First, the computed torque control was carried out in order to minimize an error between target angles and real angles. The computed torque control is based on the equation of robot motion, which is derived from the Lagrange-Euler equation. To minimize the error between the real model and the approximated model, the adaptive control was carried out. During this simulation, the interference check was also carried out. The interference check verifies that the robot can move successfully without any collision.
Publication Date 2012-10-01
Role Corresponding Author
Category KCI

구남국, 하솔, 노명일, "적응 제어 기반 Portable 용접 로봇 시뮬레이터 개발", 대한조선학회 논문집, 49권, 5호, pp. 400-409, 2012.10.

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