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Abstract Most ship’s accidents are accompanied by flooding. After accidents, incoming water propagates along with complex compartments of the ship cause of flooding. It makes complicated to design the arrangement of a ship considering flooding. At the intermediate stage of flooding, dynamic effects such as waves, and winds and various factors that make ships motion while flooding can lead to a more severe condition of the ship than the final state. For the robust design, nevertheless, it is necessary to consider the flooding process when designing the arrangement of ships. However, most shipbuilding companies carried out arrangement design only considering the final state of damage that generally induce the flooding. They refer to the previous data of arrangement design and modify some parts of the data for a new ship when needed based on expert’s experiences. In this process, flooding is indirectly reflected in the way of examining the damage stability. To improve the arrangement design considering flooding, we propose an optimal arrangement method of a ship. In this study, for optimal arrangement design of ships, we considered three aspects of stability, vulnerability, and operability for initial arrangement design. To evaluate stability which is the most important part, Position Based Dynamics (PBD) which is a kind of mesh-free particle method was modified and applied. Using PBD, the flowrate of the inflow of water due to flooding was calculated. After, the ship's motion due to flooding in the time domain can be calculated. Objective functions such as the total time to flooding and the severity of motion during flooding were applied. To evaluate the vulnerability, we consider the bulkhead and the room vulnerability due to the various damage. Lastly, to evaluate the operability, movement efficiency of crew and cargos was considered using affinity and antagonism between rooms. Of course, constraints for requirements such as damage stability and intact stability were included in the formulation. The proposed method was applied to an example of a naval ship that survivability is one of the important issues. The result shows the applicability of the proposed method at the arrangement design of the ship.
Publication Date 2020-11-24

Ki-Su Kim, Myung-Il Roh, "Optimization of the Arrangement Design of a Ship Considering the Multiple Performance", Proceedings of ACSMO(Asian Congress of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization) 2020, Seoul, Korea, pp. 167, 2020.11.23-25

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번호 분류 제목 Publication Date
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» International Conference Ki-Su Kim, Myung-Il Roh, "Optimization of the Arrangement Design of a Ship Considering the Multiple Performance", Proceedings of ACSMO 2020, Seoul, Korea, pp. 167, 2020.11.23-25 file 2020-11-24
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